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Tx2k12 – The RWB Catalina Concoction

Posted by Thanh Nguyen on March - 17 - 2012

I just had had had to put up these pictures right away. On our way home from the  Tx2k12 event hosted by HPD (Houston Performance Driving), we were looking for a place to eat and we just happened to choose IHOP which was just a couple minutes down the road. Upon arrival on to the parking lot of IHOP low and behold, a Porsche RWB (RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF). Now these RWB Porsche’ are one of a kind and you will most likely never see a machine of this kind often.

Below are the pictures I took while in the presence of the essence of this Porsche RWB. I would like to Thank the guys at for allowing me to take pictures of this awesome machine!











Now I wouldn’t leave you high and dry with out a quick video of this machine in action, would I?



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