Round 1: Lone Star Drift Pro-Am Series

We are back for another season of Lone Star Drift Pro-Am Series. This post is dedicated to Round 1 at Gulf Greyhound Park in La Marque (Houston), Texas. We have worked hard to crank out enough picture coverage for y’all. This round saw the integration of the Texas Street Legal Series in to this round of the Lone Star Drift as well as an enormous amount of new drivers from different parts of the United States and a considerable amount of familiar drivers for both series. We will forgo the narration and commentary and head straight to the photos. Enjoy!

Round 1 Top 10

1. Randall Waters
2. John Windham
3. Harrison Johnson
4. Ian Trinidad
5. Axle Riser
6. Fielding Shredder
7. Tyler Kotulek
8. Aaron Losey
9. Thomas Tyrone
10. Brad Burnett



Randall Waters



John Windham



Harrison Johnson


Ian Trinidad

Ian Trinidad



Alex Riser



Fielding Shredder


Tyler Kotulek

Tyler Kotulek






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