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2015 Lexus RC F – It’s So F’n Mental!

Posted by Thanh Nguyen on December - 19 - 2014

The “F” brand of Lexus represents Lust. This Lexus RC F encompasses 467 horsepower from a naturally aspirated V8. This specific model boasts the Torque Vectoring Differential that is available only on a few RC F models. Don’t get this model confused with Lexus RC F Sport and RC 350 models, the price and power  [ Read More ]

Cupcake Meet #21: Drift Demo at GGP

Posted by Thanh Nguyen on November - 25 - 2014

The people from the Lone Star Drift series organized a drift demo at the Cupcake Meet last weekend. We thoroughly enjoyed our time as the hand pick drivers put on a show for the crowd. If you were one of the few that got to ride in one of these drift cars then consider yourself  [ Read More ]

Hot Import Nights + The Vape Summit: Gallery

Posted by Thanh Nguyen on November - 9 - 2014

Free Full Resolution Photos Found Here. Click, Click, Right Click Save As! Enjoy   Thank You For Viewing! Auto Essence – Thanh Nguyen

Formula Drift Round 6 – Texas Motor Speedway (2014)

Posted by Thanh Nguyen on September - 15 - 2014

Round 6 at Texas Motor Speedway is a wrap! Fredrick Aasbo comes out with the win with his Hankook Tire Scion tC in the Pro I Competition while  Brandon Wicknick gets the win in the Pro II Competition. This weekend saw a lot of interesting turn of events, enjoy the little tidbit of photos while  [ Read More ]

The Incredible Hulk – Frederick Hamilton’s 1998 Honda Accord

Posted by Thanh Nguyen on September - 8 - 2014

Our fascination for Honda Accords continue.  Take a late 90’s Honda Accord, swap in the H23A motor then slap a Turbo on it and what do you get? A Honda Accord that resembles the color and power of the Incredible Hulk. Fred’s Honda Accord is a combination of Frankenstein & Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  [ Read More ]

Even More Pictures Have Been Uploaded Below.     Also Picture Gallery #1 Can Be Seen Below. PICTURE GALLERY #1   Thank You For Viewing! Auto Essence – Thanh Nguyen  

Capturing Your Imagination – Tom Syhachack’s Honda S2000

Posted by Thanh Nguyen on July - 27 - 2014

Full High-Resolution Photos.   Enjoy.           Thank You For Viewing! Auto Essence – Thanh Nguyen        

I must admit, taking pictures from with inside the track at Texas Motor Speedway is quite breath taking. Especially for a person like me who rarely gets to visit the more popular race tracks in the U.S.. If you didn’t already know, Texas Motor Speedway is high on my list of popular race tracks. It’s  [ Read More ]

SSP NISMO Z – Picture Post Time

Posted by Thanh Nguyen on July - 18 - 2014

                Thank You For Viewing! Auto Essence – Thanh Nguyen    

Flat Fast 7 – Excessive Detailing’s Audi RS7

Posted by Thanh Nguyen on July - 14 - 2014

At one time or another, the current owner of this Audi RS7 Sportback with the Carbon Fibre Exterior Package, owned an Audi R8 and several Porsche’s. The owner then switched from those super cars to this Audi super sedan. So what is so special about this super sedan you’d say? Well, this super sedan came  [ Read More ]

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