Petersen Automotive Museum – Experience The History of Cars (Preview)


Ever wondered what it is like being inside the Museum of the Year? Wonder no more. A few weeks ago I visited the Los Angeles area and I just happen to have had the Petersen Automotive Museum on my bucket list. Touring this Automotive facility since it’s makeover not too long ago has been magnificent. Going through each level (there are three levels); car by car (there are hundreds of them) was like walking through a never ending gear head dream. Before I lay out all the pictures on one post I’ll show them a few pictures at a time. The Car eye candy preview starts here!



1982 Ferrari 308 GTSI – Can you believe Tom Selleck was able to fit in to this car?



1967 Toyota 2000GT – The word “Classic” is an understatement to the fire starter that is the “86”.



#95 Lightning McQueen – If you have not seen the “Cars” animated movie then go see it now!



1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4 NART Spider – Put together Le Mans and Ferrari together and you have gotten a winner in the North American Racing Team.



1992 Jaguar XJ220 – Known as the “World’s Fastest Cat.”



1994 Bugatti EB 110 Super Sport Le Mans – Your modern day Bugatti of today started with this one from Ettore Bugatti.



IAS Performance & Texas Tires And Parts VIP Invitational Drift Event – Is This a Long Title???



It’s 80 degrees Fahrenheit and the sun is shining bright so does that mean drift off-season has ended? We don’t really get a winter in Houston so 80 degrees in February feels natural to us but that does not mean we have to like it right? Anyways any temperature higher than 80 degrees Fahrenheit normally signals as a siren call to all drifters here in the Lone Star State. Unlike other events that are in the competitive drifting category IAS Performance and Texas Tires And Parts has put together an event so that drifters of all kinds can get seat time, have some good ole’ fun and maybe attract new drift fans in to this sport.

Thank you to IAS Performance and Texas Tires And Parts for hosting this event, we look forward to many more!




Round 3: Lone Star Drift 2016 – Full Gallery

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It has been two weeks since Round 3 of Lone Star Drift at Gulf Greyhound Park but I have now recovered from the Texas heat to give you 181 damn good drift pictures. I have been doing drift photography since … Continue reading

Hot Import Nights – December 2015 Houston, Tx – The Lost Gallery

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We have been behind on staying up to date with our pictures lately. Better late then never! Hot Import Nights Strange Rhythms  


Houston Auto Show 2016 – Press Highlight – Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo returned to the Houston Auto Show for it’s second year. It is definitely a head turner at the Luxury high-end boutique. This year debuts the 2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia and 2016 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider. These two car’s represent Alfa Romeo’s 55 year sedan heritage and 105 years of the brand’s existence.

Please view the Alfa Romeo Press Conference below as well as pictures of both the Giulia and 4C Spider.




105 Years of Italian Heritage




What’s Not To Like About This Face?




Mid-Engined 237hp




Weighing At Under 2500 lbs, These Seats Are A Tight Fit




Single Carbon Fiber Body




The Infamous Akrapovič Exhaust




Italian Design And Style




Race Inspired Interior With A Sophisticated Series Of Features




Ferrari-Derived 505hp Bi-Turbo V6




A Menacing Style And Presence To Take On The World’s Best Highways




Alfa Romeo Delivers Exquisite Italian Style And Appearance





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TXDF (AUTO X + DRIFT 2.1) – Auto Essence Run In With The Law

Here are three pictures to show you a glimpse of what happens when you mix drifting and cop cars.

Click the pictures at the bottom for full resolution pictures. Video to follow.

Status Works

Texas Drift Fest






Bear Dellinger – Import The Rivsu Import Way


Rare Le Mans edition R33 GT-R Skyline meets Miss HIN Tampa Bear Dellinger.

Car: R33 GT-R LM Skyline (Federally legal R33 GT-R imported under VCP-32)
Model: Bear Dellinger
Credit: Rivsu Imports