Round 4: Lone Star Drift Pro-Am Series (Josh Mcguire Mix)

We put together a compilation video mix of the Josh Mcguire and Friends runs. We have a lot of videos to shift through so I decided to create this mix. The location is Texas Motor Speedway near Dallas, Texas and usually plays host to NASCAR and IndyCar races. Lone Star Drift series visits TMS once a year and it does create a lot of smoke for the drifters.

Texas Motor Speedway track for drifting normally creates 60-80 mph turns in between the strange turn 1 and turn 2 entries; at turn 3 (the last turn aka “the bank”) consists of 80-100 mph drifting that produces the majority of the smoke on this track. TMS attracts the best drifters around the world as it does take quite bit of skill, speed and car control for a consistent drift run.


Round 3: Lone Star Drift Pro-Am Series

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Despite unpredictable weather conditions during Round 3 nicknamed, “Game of Cones,” the drifting continued as all competitors braved the storm through out the weekend. The event concluded as Kevin Williams grabbed 1st place in Pro-Am and Shaun St. Pierre won … Continue reading