Round 3: Lone Star Drift 2016 – Full Gallery

It has been two weeks since Round 3 of Lone Star Drift at Gulf Greyhound Park but I have now recovered from the Texas heat to give you 181 damn good drift pictures. I have been doing drift photography since November 2012. There have been talks of lack of drift photography/videography coverage ever since I began on this drift media adventure in 2012. I have gained a lot of experience, exposure, friends and new connections through out my four year tenure as a professional drift photographer.

Even though my photography experience started off with car meets and car shows I would not give up drift photography for any other type of photography. The sense of action, risk, connectivity and fun associated with drifting cannot be measured in just one photo because it is measured in many, many, many photos! Whether it is a group of people or just me contributing to Lone Star Drift pictures, you can damn well bet there will always be some kind of Houston drift event coverage right here on Auto Essence!

P.S. Congratulations to Rudy Martinez for the 1st place win!

Sincerely Your Neighborhood Paparazzi,
Thanh Nguyen